March 31, 2011

My Juicer is Coming!!

YAY!!! My juicer is on the truck to be delivered to me right now!!! (Do you not love the technology of tracking packages?!?)

Anyone who is on my facebook knows that I have been pining away for one of these babys for a while. Since I ordered Mr Juicer (I have to wait till I meet it to decide on a final name and gender) last week I have been dreaming about juicing! I am so excited!!!!!

I even made some more of my DIY Reusable Jars to store all the juice in this past weekend!

Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor

Now to decide on what to juice first..... both of these recipes sound delish to me...

Veggie Ginger Juice

A standard “mixed veggie” concoction that’s spiced up by the ginger. This is a great “warming” juice for the cold months.

3 large carrots
1 beet
1 green apple
4 large stalks celery
1 large handful of spinach, parsley, or other dark green
1 small cucumber
1 inch knob ginger

Think Pink

A green twist on the Pink Lady.

1 beet
1 green apple
1 pear
6 large leaves romaine
1 inch ginger


1 comment:

  1. Lucky you! Your recipes sound wonderful.
    I use the juicer at my job all the time, one of my favorite things to make is greens (kale/spinach/collards) with pineapple, loads of ginger and lemon.
    Have fun with it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your juices!


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