March 3, 2011

Weekend with Family!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the family and I last weekend. As most already know I moved to the United States from England when I was 11. The hardest part of that move now, as it was then, was being apart from family. My grandparents are currently in the Seattle area visiting my mum so I made the drive over a very snowy mountain pass to spend a long weekend with them!

The time of year that's hardest for us all to be so distant is Christmas. So, we decided to have a Christmas dinner this weekend! I wish I would have taken pictures of all my grandmas beautiful food but I was too busy eating it! Roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, turkey and gravy....and of course trifle for dessert!! We invited a couple of my best friends from college to join in the festivities and had a wonderful time!
My beautiful grandmother! If you can believe it, she is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside! 

Grandad telling stories!!

Goofing around with some silly masks.

It was chilly but we took the dogs on a beautiful walk. I always enjoy fresh air. Don't ask about the mud stains on grandmas knees.....

There were of course a lot of family member that were not here this weekend but they were thought of and missed often!

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