February 22, 2011

Preaching 'bout Plastic

OK, preachy Samantha time. I appologize in advance... So my friend Kate of A Kate Day, is blogging about her 2011 commitments of reducing waste, limited driving and going vegan...HUGE kudos to her and her hubby Shane! She recently posted this video and I LOVED it so I wanted to impose share it with my readers!

To be completely honest I don't remember to bring by reusable shopping bags with me EVERY time I go to the store...I'm getting better, but alas I am human, and I would be lying to you all if I pretended that you will NEVER see me with a plastic bag.

One thing that I do struggle with is those little pesky plastic bags to put your fruit and veggies in. Lets face it I don't even pretend I can reuse them. And most of them get thrown out the second I unpack my groceries...so sad....

SO, I did a little research and found a great solution!!

Produce Bags for the Consumer

Belief Beyond Bags had created these handy light weight bags for carrying produce. For about $7 bucks you get three bags of two different sizes and piece of mind! I ordered mine today and will review for you when I get them...so excited!!

We can do it people!!! Less plastic!!! Yay!!


  1. These look amazing! Let me know how they work:)

  2. Great post samantha


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