February 11, 2011

Full Circle and "The Big Salad"

The other day I had my first fruit and vegetable pick up from Full Circle Farm. You may of heard of the new movements to get fresh fruits and veggies from the farm to you table as quickly as possible. All of the produce is organic and they try to source it as locally as possible.
I know of two organizations in the Spokane area that do this. Other than Full Circle, there is also Bountiful Baskets. I believe Baskets is more of a government program that stations out-posts to local communities and Full Circle is based out of WA state and is mainly on the west coast. Full Circle offers only organic produce and you select between a standard box ($32) or a family box ($41). You pick it up at a designated location of your choice between about noon and 7pm on a Thursday.
Bountiful Baskets offers a "regular" basket ($15) or an organic basket ($25). You pick a location to pick it up on Saturday mornings, but you only have about a 15 minute window to collect your produce.
Both organizations are very flexible with your orders and you can select weekly or bi-weekly schedules. You can of course opt out whenever you wish.
I managed to find a $15 off code for Full circle Farms so decided to try it out and share that experience with you! (the code was Q13FOX in case you want to give it a shot).
Placing my order was easy peasy and I was able to select food that I wanted to permanently exclude from by boxes. Also, the weekend before pick-up day, I was able to log-in and see what I was going to be receiving and make some substitutions....pretty handy in menu planning!

Here is the cute box that I picked up from a local Spa in town. Cant wait to open it and see what my $18 bought me!!! By the way the smell is soooo good and fresh! 

Oh My!! Organic broccoli, green lettuce, kale, mushrooms, turnips, pears, oranges, tomatillos, cilantro, spinach, a cucumber and a mango! 

 I love seeing fresh soil on the ends of my spinach!!!

Due to lack of creativity and a great hunger I decided you use my new box of veggies to make a Big Salad (Seinfeld anyone?). I used many things from the box and also some things I had in the fridge already...

Green Lettuce
Clover Sprouts
Sunflower seeds (I actually intended to add these and forgot!)
Dressing of Choice (this salad tasted so vibrant and fresh it really needed very little dressing!)

I'm also thinking I want to use those tomatillos and Cilantro for a green salsa...Ill post this weekend :)


  1. This post made me sad :( not becuase you're doing this but because Americans seem to be so removed from their food. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping at my local (literally can walk to) organic farm here in Germany. There is such an emphasis to having good fresh organic food on the table here, Im glad you're setting the example out there Sam keep it up :) Love & Hugs

  2. Thanks Shauna. It makes me sad too... We do have some great farmers markets in the summer. But finding good fresh produce in the winter is difficult and expensive!
    One day Ill have my own little garden.. I cant wait, but it will def be a process since I have no idea what Im doing!
    It also make me sad we dont pass don farming skills with pride..


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