January 14, 2011

Cute Fridge Magnets

So I am absolutely baffled as to why we still get sent multiple yellow pages every year. It seems like such a waste of paper and a really outdated way to look up a dentist. The only redeeming quality is the couple of advertisement magnets that come with them. I found an idea on a wonderfully creative friends blog about how to give this magnets a new look. For great DIY ideas check out her blog at www.akateday.blogspot.com

This is really so very easy! Gather all those magnets and apply a thin layer of magical Mod Podge using a paint brush. Apply your favourite paper (cut a little large that the magnet)....you can get as creative here as your little heart desires! I just used some regular scrap booking paper and paper from a pretty envelope, but you could use tissue paper, ribbon or post cards (just make sure its not heavier than your magnet will support)!

Once the paper is applied to all the magnets, trim away the extra paper from around the magnets. Apply a layer of mod podge to the top of your paper and allow to dry. Once they are just about dry, take the a fore mentioned phone book and set them on the magnets for about 1/2 hour. This is just to make SURE that paper is firmly in place and the edges won't start to roll up.

Now my fav. part....time to put them on your fridge and admire your work.....

This is a fun and easy craft that does not take very long and is really practical! Great one for kids to do too!

Have fun!!!


  1. Yay!!!! Love it! And I'm trilled to follow your blog. Welcome to Blogland!

  2. Thanks for your inspiration!!! My fridge looks soooo much better! :) Im going to lila for the first time tomorrow...maybe ill see you there?

  3. That's crazy. I just threw mine away minutes before reading this and have since dug them out of the garbage. I felt bad at the time throwing them away!!!!!

  4. "Mod Podge" Lives! How great. I had fun with that product in the 70's! Seems to me that the Mod Podge then, had a delightful effect on tissue paper. Crinkling it up so it had an interesting texture. So you may want to cut the tissue paper a little larger of allow for random shrinkage. Such fun!

  5. Ahh yes Patty!! Great reminder about tissue paper...one of my next projects will be tissue paper around candle holders so that tip will be helpful! :)

    Cinda- So glad we saved your magnets in time!!!

  6. I'm happy to see you in blogland !! This is fun ! FL will be having an online winter through your pictures ! ! - Tiff

  7. Thanks Tiff! Any way the I get to connect with you, Neil and the kiddos is v. exciting! You can show the kids that Thor and I keep their picture front a centre on our fridge!


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