January 12, 2011

Winter Beauty

There is no doubt in my mind. I am a summer girl. I love everything summer....the heat, the sun, the clothes, the running, the cycling, the water...EVERYTHING. So I suppose I should not be surprised that winter leaves me a little lethargic, if not down right blue! I do not like being cold every time I get into my car, I don't like having to run on the treadmill all the time, I hate that its getting dark at 4pm, and I am not a big fan of wearing "layers". A couple of winters ago I found something that made me able to get through those long months of January and February.....cross-country skiing!

Granted, I do not go nearly as often as I would like to, but even going up to Mt. Spokane a few times a year to breath fresh air and enjoying nature, is enough to bring me happiness and peace in winter. I wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures of my latest adventure at Mt. Spokane

Now, who can not love winter with pictures like that?!? Just another reminder that there is so much beauty in this world...but sometimes you have to go out and find it!

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