January 12, 2011

Vegan (mostly raw) Nori Rolls

For my first food blog I wanted to post a new favourite stand-by. I first made these Nori rolls a few months ago but they quickly became a regular. Thor LOVES them! Custom build these based on what needs to be used up in your fridge. To make these raw I use carrots instead of rice. Just pulse in a blender till the carrots are finely diced. I did add some whole wheat cous cous to my carrot mixture because I had some that needed to go soon!

Nori sushi sheet (should be sold in the Asian section at most supermarkets)
Whole Grain Rice and/or
Grated Carrots
*mix either with a little rice vinegar and agave or honey to make sticky and sweet!)
Veggies!! Pick any combo you like!
Avocado (a Thor and Sam Fav!)
Bell Peppers
Dulce (a red seaweed- super nutritious for vegans!)

I will also sometimes add some cheese. In this roll I used a vegan Mozz cheese

When you lay your ingredients on the Nori it should look a little like the picture below...

Roll the nori tightly with wet fingers.You can use a bamboo mat if you have one but its not the end of the world if you don't. Now rolling is a bit of an art....you want to roll as tightly as possibly....without tearing the nori. When I do tear the nori, I'm too strong for my own good sometimes, I just throw it all into a bowl with the nori all ripped up and make it a salad. BUT, assuming you roll successfully, seal the nori edge with some water and use a sharp serrated wet knife to cut you roll in half, then half again.

Wa lah! Display your beautiful rolls on a plate with a little soy sauce for dipping (I like to mix in wasabi powder for a kick) and some sliced avocado. For extra protein goodness I will also serve with some lightly steamed edamame beans. I like to sprinkle crushed red pepper on mine...
ENJOY! You little sushi chef you!


  1. Wonderful ideas, Samantha. I like using carrots for the rice. This really makes the whole Sushi thing less mysterious. Thanks for Blogging!

  2. Thanks! No need to eat out to get a great sushi meal anymore!
    Up next...African peanut soup!


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