February 1, 2012

Lots of changes Max, lots of changes..

I miss you guys. Really, I do. You are my sounding board. My journal. My excuse to not feel totally crazy and narcotic cooking like a mad women and taking 20 pictures of a single dish of food. And like a true friend, whether I post daily or monthly, the relationship is much the same.

Well big news in my house.... its a new house!!! The beau and I moved out to Hayden, Idaho a couple of weekends ago and have been settling in nicely to our new home. Couple of points about the move..

1. Moving furniture is really not that much fun. Make sure you have a good solid relationship with the person you are moving furniture with and take a moment to make each other laugh at the craziness of it all.

2. Starting fresh is fun! Where should I put the plates? pictures? What kind of door mat do we want? It is a lot of questions and we spend a lot of time saying "we should get this", but at the end of the day it is so fun to make those decisions and get a fresh start.

The other thing that is getting a bit of a fresh start is my career. I decided that the hour commute to my former job was just too far to drive in a climate that can be snowy 5-6 months out of the year, and so I am currently job hunting here in Hayden, Idaho. I actually already found a little job teaching Zumba and yoga 4 times a week at a martial arts studio and got a call this morning from a bigger gym looking for Zumba subs.  In addition to teaching classes, I would also like to find another fun part time job where I can meet people and pick up some hours. I am thinking coffee but would be open to some other avenues too (dream job.....assistant vegan cook - not very probable in Hayden, ID).

Today on craigslist there was a job posting for a full time coffee shop manager. I am torn. I have done this before and enjoyed it but it was not what I envisioned for myself in Hayden. The job includes a salary and benefits but I would probably have to give up teaching group fitness classes to take the job.  Advise? Words of wisdom?? Should I just apply and worry about making the decision if I am actually even offered the job??


Well, that is something to think on for sure but let me leave you with a couple of pictures....

Hayden Lake - I live here!!!!!! OK, well I don't live on the lake but I do live in the town thats next to this lake...

Beautiful flowers sent to us from Thor's parents. Such a great surprise!

After YEARS of cooking with thrift store saucepans, I finally took the plunge and upgraded..the first meal? Pasta all Puttanesca of course!

Oops must go... the timer is beeping for "Holiday Soup for the Soul"... recipe coming soon!!!

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