February 15, 2012

Spring Wreath

It may be February, but I've decided that Spring is starting. I'm sure I won't get too many complaints. It was time to take the Christmas wreath off the front door but I did not want to leave the door naked and so a spring wreath was created.

Love this wreath because it is inexpensive, easy, fast and no glue gun required. When I say fast and easy, I'm talking hit up Michael's on your way home from work and make this while your pasta is simmering...


3-5 strings of spring floral garland
1 woody wreath (mine is 21in)

Simply wrap the garland around your wreath, tucking the ends into the wood to secure. Try to space your flowers as evenly as possible.

Wa Lah! A spring garland!

I do know that it is voila not Wa Lah, but Wa Lah is just more fun.....

1 comment:

  1. I like it that way too sam and yes the wreath looks lovely and yellow is my favourite colour


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