January 29, 2011

DIY Food Storage

OK, how much do you LOVE these???? I took this idea out of the eco-craft book I loaned from the library. Easy Peasy and fun to make. 

Gather any old glass jars you have. I get a lot of mine from spaghetti sauce, coconut oil or jams. Let them soak in hot soapy water and scrub the labels off. A little goo gone works well on any glue residue left on your jars. Dry thoroughly...

Use masking tape to square of a front section of your jar. Using chalkboard paint give this section a few good coats. Make sure to allow to dry before peeling away the tape. I will know I have matured fully when I actually wait until paint is dry....

You are also going to give a few coats of paint to those lids. Use any colour of paint you want....I just happened to have some brown paint in the garage...

 Easy as that you have a very green food storage jar with a re-writable label!!!
You can also you these to drink smoothies out of and you could write the type of smoothie on the front....now how uber trendy would that be!!

Sorry about all the !!!, but I REALLY like these!!!


  1. Absolutely genius!!! (As you can see, I'm prone to copious amounts of "!!!" as well...LOL)

  2. Thanks Netta! Im excited to start following your blog and get a peek into your life too!

  3. Very impressive Samantha!!!!!!! I just found your Itsy page. You are truly amazing. Beautiful work, and on the market already. Beautiful!


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