March 11, 2011


I don't even know how to write this....

I want my blog to be a fun and inspiring look into my little corner of the world. I also want my blog to be a fairly honest reflection of my life, and unfortunately right now my heart feels.....raw instead of inspired.

First, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the impending tsunami warning in HI are alarming and scary to say the least. I cant even come close to imagining what those people are going through right now. To so violently and suddenly lose loved ones, friends, neighbors to not know the fate of loved ones, and to not know how to care best for you family in the immediate future. My heart feels overwhelmingly heavy to just think about it...

I have watched a few videos of the footage which is just so surreal. What absolutely disgusts me was that there were comments on youtube that stated zero sorrow for this incident and even claimed that Japan somehow "had it coming" for injustices to dolphins and pearl harbor!?!?!! Grrrrr that kind of ignorance, hypocrisy and hate makes me so disheartened. I hope that they are judged by someone a little more gracious than they are when that day comes....

I believe that some light will come from this. Families will be reunited, amazing bonds will be forged, Japan will rebuild. But for today that doesn't make the pain any less....

Secondly, I found out my little 12 year old brother was "assaulted" at school yesterday. As far as I understand the story, my little brother was in drama class, acting out a scene in which he was injured and lying on the floor. Some boy, that my brother says he doesn't even know,came up and started to stomp on, stand on and kick my little brother. None of the students around did anything or even alerted a teacher. The class period changed and my brother was able to make it to his next class, where he has his favourite teacher. The teacher took him to the nurses office...and from there we have principals, police and hospitals. He has sprained ribs and bruised muscles. I talked to him and he seems to be doing OK. His main concern with going back to school is that he will now be regarded as a 'snitch' for telling when he was assaulted. There is video footage of the incident and charges will be pressed.

Obviously, I feel sick. Not only that one little boy can do that to another, but that other children can stand and watch. What is wrong with our kids???

I don't even know what else to say......

I am an eternal optimist.
There are more good people in the world than bad.
There is more beauty than ugliness.
There is more hope than despair.
There is more love than hate.

I believe all of those things....but right now I just feel raw...

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  1. I'm sorry for your sad heart, Sam and your brother--it's terrible. I'll send him some healing thoughts.


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