March 23, 2011


I must say my overall mood and happiness has increased tremendously over the past couple of weeks. Not that I was a complete grouch before, its just easier to be happy lately. It is not painfully cold to go outside anymore, it is still light outside when I leave work, I got to run over 15 miles outside last week and get my bicycle ready for some road riding! Things are definitely looking up. There are still no flowers, blossom or typical signs of spring here in the inland NW, but alas I remain hopeful.... Have I mentioned that I love summer?? There are still a few things weighing on my brother still dealing with bully's in junior high, my other brother deploying to Afghanistan in early April, and all the other little life stresses; yet it is so much easier to take things in stride this time of year.

Thor and I enjoying a summer trip to Glacier Nat Park last year.

I have found something else to be happy about.....Jenne'! Jenne' maybe one of my favourite blog land people out there right now! She posts lots of yummy vegetarian and vegan recipes on her blog (this is where the banana brownies came from) and is even creating a little cooking show! Check this out and tell me she isn't the most adorable thing ever!

You can get the recipe for this video here. I think Ill be making some very soon... maybe the taste of coconut will bring me one step closer to summer.

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