May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend: The unofficial start to summer, lots of flags, BBQs, gardening and a day off work! I must admit that this year, being the first year that I have a immediate family member in the military, Memorial Day does lead to a little more thought and reflection than prior years. My heart reaches out to all the families of those who have been lost during combat and service.

Thor and I took advantage of the three day weekend to visit his folks and friends in Lynden, Washington. I wanted to document some of the beautiful landscapes that we got to drive through. I think that Washington is probably more diverse in landscapes and climates than people realize, so its fun to put together some pics of that here!

Driving through sun, as we watch rainfall in the distance.

Lush farmland just east of the Cascade Mtns.

Mountain Pass

Was it not just sunny?

We arrived in Lynden on Saturday night. I was so flattered to learn that Thors mom Patty was cooking some of the recipes from MY blog!!! For dinner we had The Creamy Pasta Bake and African Peanut Soup! I am happy to report that it was delicious (maybe so yummy because someone else was cooking)! After dinner we discovered that a good friend of Thors was attending the monster truck show with his sons. We decided to join them. It was .....interesting. LOTS of good people watching.....

Saturday morning I woke up earlier that Thor or his parents so I took a lovely walk to get some coffee...Here are a few of the views I got to enjoy.

Baking central in Pattys kitchen! She was whipping up some Apple Pancakes!


Oops, I drank all my smoothie before I took the picture!

After breakfast we visited more friends and beautiful families and then Thor took me to the raspberry fields that he worked during summers... so amazing to see row after row of raspberry bushes (and this was only one field of MANY)!

You go ahead and start picking....

We headed back to Spokane on Monday. Thor took an exit for a bathroom break and we realized we were 5 mins from Snoqualmie Falls! Seeing the longing look in my face, he conceded to a quick leg stretch and viewing!

Heading back over the Mtns....

About 1 hour after the mtns you hit desert! Pretty amazing!

Not many places would you find a horse in the pet area of a interstate rest stop...

Such a great weekend! A huge "Thank You" to Patty and Mark for all their hospitality and the great laughs! We'll be back in August!

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