May 11, 2011

Commuting by bicycle!

OK please rest assured that I am in no way prideful or bragging about the fact that I biked to work today. I live 5 miles from work and get to wear exercise clothes and a ponytail, so if anyone SHOULD be biking to work regularly it is me!

However, I am just too much of a sissy to bike to work if its below 50, raining or super windy. And I make no apologies for that.... just not fun!

With that said...I had an awesome time biking to work this morning! The sun was shinning, blossom and flowers were blooming and I felt so energized and happy when I arrived at work! The best part is I have my bike here so I can take a nice little ride up on the palouse of Spokane's south hill before I head home tonight(and riding home is ALL downhill)!

I am setting a goal today to ride my bike to work AT LEAST 1x/week. This may be challenging through May and June when weather is still iffy.... but I should easily average more than that once summer gets into full swing through July and August. I am happy to think about the extra exercise, gas saved, and positive impact on the environment!

So I am sharing the commitment with all of you so you can help hold me accountable!! How many other bike commuters are out there in blog land??


  1. Well Sam, you are amaizing. you have so much energy, and you enjoy all your projects with such love. "Go Girl" Im proud xx

  2. Mum, If you are saying that you want to order earrings, just let me know what ones you want! I think I can arrange that for the woman who raised me...


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