May 19, 2011

Chocolate Pudding (and frosting!)

What do you get when you blend up some avocados, dates, cocoa, vanilla and agave?? The MOST amazing chocolate pudding/frosting on the planet!!!!!! I am so grateful that my coworker Sherry shared this recipe with me! This recipe makes "pudding" but I used it to frost Thor and his Dads Chocolate and Raspberry birthday cake last fall and it worked really well!

It was also used on these cupcakes that Sherry made for a work party...

Are you craving this yet?? I do recommend that you make people eat it BEFORE you tell them that the base is avocado... and its vegan and raw....but hey if you don't want to tell them, I wont spill the beans :)

PS. Rode my bike to work today so Im two for two in my quest to bike to work at least 1x a week!

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