May 23, 2011

Making Pasta!!

Thor and I had an AWESOME Sunday! This past weekend, we had the honor of being invited to a friends house to learn to make pasta! This was SO much fun and I have so much gratitude towards our friends Ralph and Gayle for all the work in prepping and cleaning, and all their gentle encouragement as we fumbled our way through pasta making! It was a little less intimidating than I thought it would be (thanks to their great instruction) and oh so yummy!!

 I did take a couple of my own dishes... the raw vegan cheesecake....looks MUCH better than the first time I made it...And a green mixed veggie salad.

 The fun begins.... Thor learning to work the pasta maker...

Our pasta drying on our new hand made pasta drying rack! I told you this day was awesome!

Lunch Time! Bring on the pasta!

As if these lovely people had not done enough for us today...they gave me such a sweet gift! A basket full of pasta making goodies! I feel so blessed, honoured and lucky right now, I actually have tears in my eyes as I type this.

Needless to say I have already been searching amazon for pasta makers....

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