September 1, 2011

Happy September!

Is it really September already?? It feels like just yesterday I was posting about a chilly Cinco de Mayo and snow in April. The Autumns here in the inland northwest tend to be just glorious - cool mornings and evenings with warm sunny days,  and an abundance of apples, squash and other wonderful harvest vegetables. However, I always feel an impending sense of doom around this time ....

Fall is like a Sunday afternoon - it has so many great qualities and  you want to LOVE and cherish  it - but it is impossible to forget what is around the corner....

One of my favourite things about the end of summer are those late summer storms. They can sweep in so quickly bringing heavy rain, hail, thunder and lightning. When the storm has passed - a wonderful glow and energy is in the air and everything smells so alive. I was caught off guard by one such storm when I headed out for my run last night. When the bulk of the storm broke, I had to hide under a tree to take shelter from the huge pellets of hail pounding my skin. This would have been OK except I was a little worried that standing under the tree might increase my odds of being struck by the lightening that was right overhead! I can't deny that the whole experience was rather fun - but more like twice a year type fun than something that I wish to happen on every run....

Very excited for a hot shower!

On another note..


 I like to read a lot - if I had to purchase all the books that I read I would be out roughly $200+ a year. I also love the library for music. I have borrowed many CD's and downloaded them to my computer (not sure if that totally legal...) also saving me $100's! And now the library has a NEW program called Freegal. If you local library provides Freegal- you can select 3 songs a week to download from their HUGE music library to KEEP for FREE!

I have read a few articles on this- some saying that this is super beneficial for the libraries and some saying that this will end up really hurting them due to cost - negative blog post here. I am not sure how this program will end up playing out but I am happy that the library is working to stay current for a younger generation and I hope that generation with show support to their local libraries and help to keep them around!

Oh and one last thing - I went 45 mph the other night - on my bicycle! Very proud of myself since a couple of years ago I was scared to ride between posts on my bike!

OH WAIT- one MORE thing....
Shine Sweetly now has a facebook page. Find the tab to the right ----> to like the page and recieve updates via Facebook.

Tell me about an accomplishment of yours over the last week....

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