September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day Weekend!! I did enjoy mine thoroughly! Hiking, cycling, jogging, tennis, knitting, beaches and of course food all made for a great weekend!

Here a a quick photo snap shot of the festivities....
My new Nike Free shoes. Maybe the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn....its like wearing slippers!

Thor and I visited Shopko and purchased tennis rackets. The brand new rackets and balls prove that the game should be very interesting....

Beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Channeling Venus and Serena...

I had to try and cool off my smokin' racket! Not really.... I got more exercise from chasing down stray balls than actually playing tennis...
Speaking of which - if there are any tennis players in Spokane that want to help me it would be much appreciated.

Umm....What is this?!?


I have had a little problem in the past... my vegan whole wheat cookies tend to come out a little cakey....I played a little with that this weekend but I still don't have the perfect non cakey whole wheat vegan cookie recipe to share with you just yet....

But they did improve....

Less cakey vs. muffin cookie

And some lake time on Labor Day!

Lake Coeur D'Alene

Storing up on Vitamin D!

About to jump off the cliff!!!

Wrestling with floaties!

Beautiful hike back from the beach!
And yes I am standing on a big boulder... shhhhh....

I hope that your weekend was filled with laughter and love.  I did complete my knitting project so I will have a photo shoot and post that soon.  I also have some great things to cook up so stay posted!

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