July 27, 2011

Wellness Wednesday

How did all the smiling from last weeks Wellness Wednesday go? I hope everyone's cheeks got a great workout and that you all feel better for it! This week I want to focus on another simple and everyday thing that can make a huge difference to health and well being...


I know I know, you are thinking....breath? Well that's easy, I already do that all the time! BUT...do you breath correctly? Do you take long slow breaths, inhaling through the nose and allowing the air to fill the belly. Do you exhale fully and slowly before taking another in inhale?

As many of you know I have been practicing yoga for the last few years, with more of a focus on it the last 6 months and have even began teaching classes. One of the biggest lessons that I have taken from yoga is the importance of breathing. As babies, we all take these great deep breaths that fill out belly's. When we become adults and the weight of the world gets laid on our chest and shoulders, we begin to take these shallow, fast chest breaths. I even read a study the other day that talked about how if a person in a stressful situation can take 5 slow and deep breaths, they will lower their blood pressure and stress hormones, even if they are still in the stressful situation!

So here is my weekly challenge for you...anytime you find yourself feeling stressed or full of anxiety this week, give yourself a time out and take those 5 deep breaths. Notice the changes in your body as you do this...maybe your shoulders relax, maybe you loose the frown on your face, and maybe you mind becomes a little more clear to help problem solve. Let me know your experiences!!

Good luck!

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