July 18, 2011

Another Summer Weekend...

I have been a bad blogger and I apologize!! I'm not ever sure how long it has been since my last post? I don't really have much time to get too wordy at the mo, but I did want to share some pictures from the weekend for those interested. After all, one of the first goals of this blog was too keep family and friends updated with pictures from my life, and then I have a special blog announcement!

This weekend Thor spent some time in California so I was left to my own devices. On Saturday, I went to green bluff in north Spokane for some strawberrie picking! I consumed a large number of these this weekend and froze the rest to make Berry Banana Soft Serve.

After strawberry picking I headed home to get ready for a little Cupcakes, Friends and Vino gathering.

Ready to Bake!!
The frosting was a little warm....

On Sunday I went on a beautiful 7.5 mile hike in Liberty Lake.
Lady Bug central! I have never seen anything like this!!

Climbing, climbing, climbing...

Sweaty girls!!!

The waterfall! I think it looks as if I was pasted into this picture!
Towards the end of the hike... interesting.... ;)

After the hike I was craving some fresh veggies so I made a Cheezy Hummus and served with fresh veggies... recipe coming soon!

My announcement.....

Starting this week I will be having Wellness Wednesdays as a regular feature on this blog. Every week I will cover a different topic on achieving better wellness, health and piece of mind in your life. It may be something that I feel fairly confident and rehearsed in, or something that I am struggling with and working through myself. Please stop by on Wednesday and let me know what you think! Also, I am open to topic ideas and suggestions!

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