August 16, 2011

Missing Person

I know you think this blog is going to be about the fact that I have been seriously slacking in the blogging world- and while that's true, it is actually about a funny little story that happened this last weekend...

Thor was out of town this past weekend, hanging out in Lynden, WA and attending golf tournaments, so I was left to spend my weekend solo. Thor and I spoke on Friday night and he was having a great time visiting home and his friends.

On Saturday morning I woke up and taught a 10 am yoga class.

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After yoga I ran some errands, visiting the library and yarn shop (I know I know I am too cool for school). When I got home I lost track of time reviewing how to crochet flowers on YouTube. The talented Kate over at akateday tried to teach me a year or two ago....its a work in progress......


Before I knew it, I was running late to meet a friend to go to a matinee show of The Help. I knew that I needed to give Thor a call but I figured I would call him on my way to the movies.....

After I left my house right on time I realized I had forgotten my phone.. OOPS! Well I wasn't turning back and risking being late so I just figured that Thor was having fun with his friends and I would call him as soon as I was done with the movie.

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AMAZING movie - actually worth the $8-10 bucks!!!

After the movie, my friend asked if we could go to dinner.....well of course! Now I know at this point I should have asked to borrow her phone and give my beau a quick call, but there really wasn't a good chance to do it and it just didn't feel smooth so I didn't.

After dinner I headed home and was just getting ready to head out on a quick run before the sunset when my doorbell rang... It was my friend Jeannette (along with her fiance, sister and her beau) who exclaimed "YOU"RE HERE!"

Me: "Well yea I'm here, but I'm about to head out for a run...whats up??"

J: "Ummm haven't you checked your phone?"

Me: "Oh crud, no...."

J: "Thor is really worried. He said you hadn't called all day and wanted me to come and check the house. He is about ready to drive back to Spokane..."

I quickly checked my phone to call Thor and assure him I was just fine. The story continues though as Thor had told his dad that he hadn't heard from me. His dad (being a retired police officer) looks up news stories in Spokane, only to discover that they ran a story about an unidentified female victim in Spokane. He was really worried! I THINK that Thor's dad then called Thor's mum (in Florida!!) because she just happened to give my mum a call (in Kent, WA) around 7:30 that Saturday night. Thor's mum did not mention missing Samantha, but did ask my mum when she had last heard from me..... again not confirmed but very coincidental....

At the end of the day I feel VERY loved! Thank you to all the people who were so concerned when I discontinued my normal communication for several hours. Its nice to know that if you do fall off the grid, you would be missed!!

If I ever want to be off the grid, I will just have to remember to let all my loving friends and family know so that there isn't a national search party sent out!!!

Go watch The Help, just tell your loved ones first so they don't send out for help.

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