August 8, 2011

Shining in Seattle!

Better late than never?

I apologize for my not so timely posts lately. BUT it was important that I get out the pictures of my beautiful weekend in Seattle for my youngest brothers birthday.

I can't believe little baby Blayne is now a teenager!

Testing out the new fishing rod!

Jeannette was the only one among us with any serious fishing experience!

Showing us how its done!

And he caught.... seaweed! Yuck!

Is this Seattle?!?

Must be California....

With the Birthday boy!
One of the four people bicycle things!

"Blayne, watch out!"
It IS Seattle!

I so envy Jeannette's long legs!

Photo shoot time...

I think Blayne was getting tired of the pictures..

Bro and sis being goofy!

OK Blayne, we are going to stay here... you peddle!

Day 2


Stopping traffic... not in the good way..

I think these would have been a very practical purchase.

We decided to take a ferry ride!

The cafe we stopped at had the tables you could draw on... lunch + art = fun!

From the ferry
Seattle in the Summer... oh how I love your ways..

It was a beautiful weekend! Blayne I am SO proud of the young man you are growing up to be. I know you don't always have it easy, but you are pulling through and I just know you have a bright future ahead of you. I love you.

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