June 20, 2011

Running and Cleaning

Being in the fitness biz, Ill occasionally get asked if I run. Umm if you call boppin along, singing to music at a very slow joyful pace running, then the answer is YES! I LOVE that!!

It has kinda bugged me though that my "runs" are not a good work out. If I saw a client of mine doing what I do, I would certainly yell at them and tell them "This is not a dance party, get your but moving!" (Not really, but I wouldn't be impressed). So I decided I needed a new running goal! The Spokenya Run is a 7k run that takes place along a scenic route right here in Spokane. Not only is it a great run, but proceeds go directly to bring clean water to the people of Kenya! On Sunday morning I decided to go run the course and time myself, to help set a goal for the run at the end of July. Running while timing yourself is in a whole other world than just running to listen to the new J LO cd...

I am actually pretty happy with the time I got! I was expecting it to be a lot closer to the 40 minute mark (although I might have messed up the course a tad). Now I am going to attempt to train myself and get a faster time when I run this course in a month! Wish me luck!

After the run, I got to meet up with my best gal pals for some coffee and chit chat (and a wrap) (OK OK AND a cinnamon roll...). I love just decompressing with my ladies! One of my friends was telling me that she was cleaning out her closet and follows a rule that if she hasn't wore an item more than twice in the past year its gone. My first instinct was that I could no way do that! I mean I don't even have ANY clothes and I never have anything to wear! And then I came home and saw my closet...keep in mind that I had two loads of laundry going and I'm not even going to show you where the fitness clothes are kept...
Well I was inspired by my friend! Although I couldn't be nearly as strict as she is, I cleared out a good 30+ items from my closet (some of these dating back to high school years!!)

Before                                                                       After                                         

OK, it doesn't look as dramatically different as I thought it would... maybe I need to do a 2nd sweep?

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