June 6, 2011

Pizza attempts and knitting inspiration

I have been slacking a little bit on the recipe posting lately and I apologize about that! Last night I did make my very first pizza crust! It did not turn out super well...probably because I was simultaneously making home made pasta and rushing to get to my cross training class (which I showed up to with dough crusted all over my hands looking like a strange skin disease). I do feel like I have a better understanding now though and I will dedicate more than 50% of my attention to it on the next go! My biggest problem was that I don't think I used enough flour because the center of the crust and the cookie sheet became one during the baking process.... Ay Ay Ay. So now my cookie sheet is soaking in warm soapy water at home... the part that wasn't attached tasted good though...
I am open to suggestions on pizza dough creation....should I get a pizza stone??

Most of you know that I am an on again off again knitter.. I generally always have something on some needles but it may sit idle for weeks and weeks and then one week Ill be up till all hours knitting like a fiend.. I would like to get a nice light summer knitting project going and I found this free pattern for the gorgeous shawl below! What a great piece for cooler summer nights and transitioning into fall! I cant wait to get started... I am thinking of a nice warm creamy colour but am open to suggestions...

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  1. My mom often made pizza dough for homemade pizzas, and she didn't once have to use a pizza stone...I'm not sure what all she used (I have the written recipe somewhere...lol), but now I have the urge to make some myself...hmmm...

    As to the knitting...that shawl is BEAUTIFUL! It's funny you say warm colors, because I instantly was thinking white or cream! LOL But that could definitely work in warm colors...maybe a nice brown? I'm currently knitting up a shrug, myself, in greens! :)


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