April 18, 2011


Wow! I have not blogged in a while! Things have been a little bit crazy at my work... we just started including group exercise classes and it is so much fun but I have been working 12 hour days and teaching 2-3 yoga/ cross training classes a day to help get it going, all while training my own group of clients, conducting interviews, helping the other training with the new systems.... its been fun but exhausting! I actually finished this little knitting project a couple of weeks ago but am just now getting the chance to blog on it...

I may be the last person in the entire knitting world to make a calorimetry....but better late than never because I love this thing!! I actually made this one fairly true to the original pattern that is posted on Knitty. As many other knitters have reported it does knit up a bit large, but I put three buttons on mine and I love that its not suctioned to my head. I do have a scaled down version on the needle right now and I will report to you how that one turns out.

As an avid pony tail wearer, I LOVE the concept of a topless hat! I also found some great recycled sweater yarn made by a gal here in Spokane at a great little new store we have called Sun People Dry Goods. The yarn has some colour variations which creates a neat striping effect. Yes, I just used the word neat.

Also, don't forget to enter my earring giveaway at Planting Shade! Time is running out!

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