June 1, 2012



Considering my deep passionate love for avocados I can not believe that I have not yet made guacamole. I think that I just end up eating them straight from their shell and have not taken the 5 minutes to turn them into this amazing little side.

So easy and super addictive. Lets just get to the recipe..

3 ripe avocados
Juice of 1/2 lemon
3 cloves of garlic
2 TBS Salsa
2 TBS fresh minced cilantro
1 TBSP fresh minced mint
1 tsp cumin seeds
salt and pepper to taste

1. Just mix it all together! I Mashed 2 of the avocados and left one of them diced so I would have some nice chunks in there. 
2. Try not to eat the entire batch in one sitting.... at least share it!

3. Have fun with this recipe... next time I want to roast the garlic..... yum!

Avocado Fun Facts!!

*Did you know that avocados contain all 18 essential amino acids. These means that they are a complete source of protein all on their own! As an added bonus they also contain fiber, which make those muscle building blocks even easier for your body to digest and use!

*Avocados contain healthy fats that help your body boost your HDL's or "good cholesterol". These help the body fight free radicals and prevent diabetes.

*Avocados are anti-inflammatory! Thanks to the power house of nutrients contained in these green wonders. Serve this guacamole to your family members who suffer from arthritis.

*Avocados are also know are 'Crocodile Pears'.

*The portion of the avocado closest to the skin in the most dense in nutrients. Be sure to scrape this part clean with a spoon!

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  1. Love love love avocados! Thanks for the recipe I'm excited to try it


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