November 29, 2011

Few favs

Just a quick post today,,, wanted to catch you up on three of my favourite things right now.

1. My little brothers cooking video on his blog. Just trust me on this ..... it is so worth two minutes of your life. Scroll to the bottom on the page and watch his video on making fruit kabobs. Just do it.

2. Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf- If you are vegan you will never go without at another holiday meal.... in fact some of the meat eaters may steal bites of your loaf!

3. Nog for the dairy free!!!! Celebrations are in order...this stuff is soo yummy I have developed a horrible habit of having some in my coffee every morning. I don't know what I am going to do when the holidays are over....

Speaking of the holidays.... am I the only slacker who has done nothing in preparation so far?? Might have to at least get the Christmas songs onto my ipod today...


  1. I watched the video, but must admit I was expecting an accent! The Fish thing he made is very cool!

  2. His video just makes me laugh every time... Thor said "Its Banana on a Stick!" lol Thanks for watching and coming to visit me!


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